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Natan Yelin 6, Tel Aviv, 67018 Israel
Tel: 972.3.5617090
Fax: 972.3.5617093

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TBM Software is a leading CAD/MCAD System Center and VAR in Israel
Over than 25 years of experience makes TBM Software an expert in the CAD/MCAD field

TBM Software offers:

  • Software development projects, mainly for the AutoCAD platform.

  • Sales of AutoVue, GeoMagic, ZwCAD, and more products.

  • Consulting and Support - In house and at customer's site.

  • Hot Line Support - ZWCAD, GeoMagic, AutoVue, AutoCAD. Over than 500 satisfied customers are supported by TBM's Hot line center and application engineers.

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